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Surgeon of Death
"Weaklings don't get to pick their death."

Trafalgar Law is a laid-back man with a penchant for slicing, particularly of the operating kind.

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cynicxsurgeon replied to your post: cynicxsurgeon replied to your post: . Good to meet…

We’ve barely met and intimidated already?

“Intimated? Hardly, old man.”

"Let’s not start assuming when I’m barely close to thirty and not the one here sporting grey hair, huh?"


Trafalgar. If you need a doctor, I’m at your service.

no fun

Don’t even have your name, anyways. 

dont have to trust you to fuck you. :l

It could most likely lead to knocking you out and harvesting rather than fucking you know.

omfe it does

seunghyunswing replied to your postseunghyunswing replied to…

dont be like that sugar

Are you sure you can trust me?

also it looks like there’s a penis in your icon.

Most action you’re gonna see from me 

seunghyunswing replied to your posttaeyangbang replied to your post: - touch my gurls…

i read that as guts.

Those work too.